LG Premium Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System WH18SL-19 5.0kW Cool 6.0kW Heat


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This split system air conditioning system is great for a medium or large sized room. With voice controls, fast cooling and SmartThinQ, this LG is the smart air conditioner you have been searching for.


Being compatible with Google Assisitant, you are able to ask your air conditioner questions through the Google Assistant App. For example, you can say ‘’Google, turn on the air conditioner in the lounge room’’ and even ask what the temperature is set at if you aren’t in the room.


Features of the LG WH18SL 19 include:


Precision Control: This unit allows you to control the temperature by 0.5 degrees at a time, instead of the standard 1.


Coranda Airflow: This feature streams air across your roof, allowing the space to cool down faster and give an even temperature across the room.


R32 Refrigerant: This new refrigerant provides a significant reduction in harm to the environment in comparison to standard air conditioning refrigerant.


2-Area Intelligent Eye: This unit has an infrared sensor which can enable its energy saving mode when the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.


Program Dry Function: This feature not only reduces humidity, but it automatically controls the airflow rate and temperature, to prevent a room from heating up too fast.


Air Purification: This unit decomposes odours, deactivates bacteria and traps microscopic particles. This is achieved through the Titanium apatite deodorising purification filter.


Cooling 5kw Heating 6kw

Wifi Ready | Google Assistant Compatible

Model Number WH18SL-19
Cooling Capacity kW 5.00
Heating Capacity kW 6.00
Capacity Range Cooling Min-Max kW 1.0~6.0
Capacity Range Heating Min-Max kW 1.0~9.0
Power Input Cooling kW 1.22
Power Input Heating kW 1.38
Running Current Cooling A 5.10
Runnig Current Heating A 5.90
Full Load Amps A 12.70
EER    W/W 4.1
AEER - 4.09
COP W/W 4.35
ACOP - 4.34
Energy Label / Star Ratings Cooling 3.5 STAR
Energy Label / Star Ratings Heating 4.0 STAR
Power Supply Ø, V, Hz 1Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz
Indoor Air Flow Rate Cooling Max / H / M / L L/s 383 / 283 / 233 / 183
Indoor Sound Pressure Level Cooling H / M / L / SL dB(A) -  / 46 / 41 / 36 / 27
Indoor Dimensions W x H x D mm 1060 x 360 x 265
Indoor Weight kg 16.60
Outdoor Compressor Type - Twin Rotary
Outdoor Corrosion Protection  - Gold
Outdoor Sound Level Cooling, Rated dB(A) 49
Outdoor Sound Level Heating, Rated dB(A) 52
Outdoor Sound Power Level dB(A) 65
Outdoor Dimensions W x H x D mm 870 x 650 x 330
Outdoor Weight kg 45.7
Outdoor  Operation Range Cooling °C DB -10~48
Outdoor Operation Range Heating °C DB -10~24
Recommended Circuit Breaker Size A 20
Power Supply To Unit - Outdoor



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