LG Air Conditioning LG B55AWY-7G6 Premium Ducted System (Single Phase)


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Cooling 15kw Heating 17.1kw

  • Wi-Fi & Zone Ready (purchase separately) 
  • Wired Wall Controller NOT Included (purchase separately) 
  • Google Assistant Compatible with WI-FI (optional) (purchase separately)
Model Number B55AWY7G6
Cooling Capacity kW 15
Heating Capacity kW 17
Capacity Range Cooling Min-Max kW 4.8~15.8
Capacity Range Heating Min-Max kW 4.8~18.0
Rated Power Input Cooling kW 4.6
Rated Power Input Heating kW 4.68
AEER/ACOP Cooling / Heating - 3.25/3.62
EER / COP - 3.26/3.63
Rated Current Cooling / Heating A 20.4/20.8
Max. Current (full load Amps) A 29
Rated Air Flow Rate L/s  1000 / 833 / 667
Indoor Sound Level at 1.5m H / M / L Pressure dB(A) 45 / 44 / 42
Indoor Dimensions W x H x D mm 1320x400x534
Indoor Weight kg 52
Outdoor Sound Level at 1m Pressure dB(A) 54/56
Outdoor Power Level dB(A) 68
Outdoor Dimensions W x H x D mm 950x1380x330
Outdoor Weight kg 87.5
Power Supply V / Phase / Hz 220-240,1,50
Recommended Circuit Breaker Size A 40
Compressor Type - Inverter Scroll
Refrigerant Type - R410a
Refrigerant Precharge Length m 20
Pipe Sizes Liquid mm/inc Ø 9.52 (3/8)
Pipe Sizes Gas mm/inc Ø 15.88 (5/8)
Pipe Sizes Drain OD / ID mm Ø 32 / 25
Max Pipe Length m 75
Max. Height Difference ODU - INU m 30
Supply Air Opening H X W, Flange mm 287 x 840
Return Air Opening Oval mm 317x1172
Continous Operating Range Cooling °C DB -15~48
Continous Operating Range Heating °C WB -18~18
Demand Response Capable

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